Dog Wild is an owner-operated retail store and wellness center specializing in a wide range of unique and everyday supplies for dogs, cats and small animals.

We are your one stop for quality toys, treats, health products, as well as doggie day care services.

As the official store greeter, Blu, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, has a tail wag and gentle kiss for every person that comes through the door.  
Favorite treat: Pigs Ears
Favorite pastime: Belly Rubs

Ray in store_sm

Ray: "Since we opened the store, we've met so many great people in this community. It's been a real pleasure to have discussions with people who want the best for their pets, whether that's through improved diet, toys to keep their pets engaged or training aids to improve the family relationship."

Dana and Libby

Dana: "Our goal is to be more than a place where people can buy good products; we also want to be a resource for the community. We may not always have all the answers, but we'll do the research and we're always happy to consult with you about the needs of or challenges with your fur buddy."